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May 16, 2007

People Against Censorship

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The recent firings and suspensions of on-air radio talent have been very unsettling. I had a discussion today about these events with some friends who are not familiar with either radio duo. This morning I joined People Against Censorship (P.A.C.), which is championing the cause against silencing free speech in the media.

I think it’s important to realize that this country seems to be turning away from the very principles it was founded on, in the guise of “higher standards” and similar straw man arguments. When I hear about radio talent that make “fried lice” jokes and get fired I just have to cringe. Why are people actively listening to something to see if they can be offended by it and complain? Is it the publicity, do they feel some kind of power trip by getting people fired? Should I go to where they work and see if they do something that offends me, and then picket outside to get them fired?

Should I? I Should? Ok then!

People Against Censorship


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