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June 10, 2007

First Impressions: Parallels 3.0

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Yesterday I noticed that the much anticipated Parallels 3.0 is now available, and I jumped at it as I’ve been waiting for some ability to have Windows running without restarting my iMac into Apple’s Boot Camp. The main reason I’ve been waiting to plop down my 80$, is that in this version they have added support for OpenGL and DirectX which allows for 3D graphics including games that require Windows to run. Not all games work, and some only work barely, but I am hoping that performance and compatibility improve as now there is at least a nice foothold.

The purchase, download and installation was painless. It was not long before I was installing Windows on my mac (again). The first game I tried was Darkstone. It installed and tried to run but I never got any text or buttons on the screen. I’ve been playing with the settings since then and will try it again later. The next game I tried was Quake 2, which installed and played quite well. I will need to play with some keyboard mapping but not that big of a deal, it runs great. Today I installed Guild Wars and so far I can only get about 3 frames per second. This may very well be the result of me using all my bandwidth right now, and I will try it again later.

To be fair, none of these games are on the list of known working games under Parallels that has been provided by SWSoft, so it’s no surprise my expirimets have been less then perfect. I’ve got at least one of the games on the list if I can find the discs, Baulder’s Gate 2, and maybe that will work better. Until then it’s a new fun thing to tinker with!

The main reason for the purchase wasn’t to play games to begin with, as I have some software that allows me to transfer files from my phone that only works in Windows. I was able to install and update that software today without any problems, and extract the pictures I took last night. It was just as fast as if I was actually running Windows by itself and there were no hiccups.

In conclusion, this software delivers.


August 8, 2006

Play Anarchy Online Free (Until January 15th)

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Just saw this on Metafilter, Funcomm is offering the original Anarchy Online, Free until January 15th, 2007. This is the original core game and doesn’t include any expansions. I played this game briefly in 2004 on a free trial and it was interesting. I tried an “Engineer” and they are supposed to build robots to help them kill things. I stayed in the “Newbie” zone for about 2 hours trying to figure out how to control my robot (I don’t like to read manuals) and then kinda gave up. I really want to try this game again and give it a fair shake. Right now I am playing a Priest character in World of Warcraft. Oddly enough, an engineer as well. I think I have a strange fascination with robots…

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