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June 10, 2007

First Impressions: Parallels 3.0

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Yesterday I noticed that the much anticipated Parallels 3.0 is now available, and I jumped at it as I’ve been waiting for some ability to have Windows running without restarting my iMac into Apple’s Boot Camp. The main reason I’ve been waiting to plop down my 80$, is that in this version they have added support for OpenGL and DirectX which allows for 3D graphics including games that require Windows to run. Not all games work, and some only work barely, but I am hoping that performance and compatibility improve as now there is at least a nice foothold.

The purchase, download and installation was painless. It was not long before I was installing Windows on my mac (again). The first game I tried was Darkstone. It installed and tried to run but I never got any text or buttons on the screen. I’ve been playing with the settings since then and will try it again later. The next game I tried was Quake 2, which installed and played quite well. I will need to play with some keyboard mapping but not that big of a deal, it runs great. Today I installed Guild Wars and so far I can only get about 3 frames per second. This may very well be the result of me using all my bandwidth right now, and I will try it again later.

To be fair, none of these games are on the list of known working games under Parallels that has been provided by SWSoft, so it’s no surprise my expirimets have been less then perfect. I’ve got at least one of the games on the list if I can find the discs, Baulder’s Gate 2, and maybe that will work better. Until then it’s a new fun thing to tinker with!

The main reason for the purchase wasn’t to play games to begin with, as I have some software that allows me to transfer files from my phone that only works in Windows. I was able to install and update that software today without any problems, and extract the pictures I took last night. It was just as fast as if I was actually running Windows by itself and there were no hiccups.

In conclusion, this software delivers.


May 16, 2007

People Against Censorship

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The recent firings and suspensions of on-air radio talent have been very unsettling. I had a discussion today about these events with some friends who are not familiar with either radio duo. This morning I joined People Against Censorship (P.A.C.), which is championing the cause against silencing free speech in the media.

I think it’s important to realize that this country seems to be turning away from the very principles it was founded on, in the guise of “higher standards” and similar straw man arguments. When I hear about radio talent that make “fried lice” jokes and get fired I just have to cringe. Why are people actively listening to something to see if they can be offended by it and complain? Is it the publicity, do they feel some kind of power trip by getting people fired? Should I go to where they work and see if they do something that offends me, and then picket outside to get them fired?

Should I? I Should? Ok then!

People Against Censorship

October 27, 2006

Mental Note

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I’m now a big big fan of The Dead German Tourists. I’ll leave it as an excercise to the reader to discover it themselves, for The Dead German Tourists should never be forced upon anybody; but suffice to say they are some kinda 90’s “punk rock”, if it will aid in your search. It’s weird wild and not that terrifically bad. Both the search and the band.*

*I could be lying about one of these 2 things.

August 24, 2006


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Is it Thursday? I think I’ve been in a bit of a time vortex of late. I recently found some On-Line Piano Lessons and I’m up to the note names on the keys. This will be approximately the 4th attempt for me at learning to play the piano. I figure since I’m on my nth attempt to quit smoking, it couldn’t hurt. The first time I attempted to learn the piano, I believe I was about 8 years old or so. It’s funny, I remember that my mom let me walk to the lessons and back without her. I think that might have been a bigger deal to me then the piano lessons. They were accross the street and the teacher was someone she knew, and I don’t recall going to many of them. The next time I tried to learn was around high school sometime, and then again a couple years after that. I think I might be able to do it myself If I can keep going with it. That’s always been the problem: Attention span the size of a peanut. It might even just span the circumference. I bet I spelled that wrong.

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