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June 6, 2007

Censorship Revisited

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Thanks for the comment, Ed.  I think the main problem with these situations is that you have a very small minority kicking up a fuss about it; why should a small minority be allowed to control content that the majority are not complaining about?  These private corporations have a technological control over what goes over their airwaves via timed delay as well as the “dump” button and could have easily hit that button at any time during, for example, Imus’s show when he uttered the phrase “nappy headed ho.”  His was an offhanded comment and (in my opinion) a lame attempt at humor.  Do you think he would have been suspended and later fired if the corporate media machine didn’t go into overdrive when  A small number of people including Al Sharpton decided to take the issue under their wing?

When I was young, I was taught the old “Sticks and Stones” rule.  Why allow what someone says to bother me?  I have the ability to “tune out” or “ignore” the things I don’t want to hear.  I should know, I practiced many times with my parents.  Why can’t these special interest groups do the same thing and tune out what they don’t like?

With JV & Elvis, the original occurrence of the restaurant call-in bit  apparently resulted in no complaints.  It wasn’t until that show was re-broadcast that some people decided to get upset.  I find that interesting.  I think I know why they were fired, too.  About a week and a half after that, their station flipped from an all talk format back to the old K-Rock music station it once was.  Why keep a controversial team on the air and possibly muck up the new (old) station image?  So they got cut loose.

Yes, radio is a private enterprise but it is regulated by the FCC.  My understanding is that none of what has been said by the examples I gave above broke FCC rules.  I think it stinks that these radio stations have no back bone and would rather dump a great radio personality(s) rather than defend them and find new sponsors.  Maybe it’s wishful thinking…


September 19, 2006

Musical Trout

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Saturday I struggled with my host ( and realized after talking with them that I have an upload limit of 80 Megabytes per file. It put a slight damper on me trying to upload my demo album from 1993 which is about 250MB per file. I don’t feel like compressing it, because I’m trying to put it out there in the most lossless and generic format possible and it started out analog and poorly mastered (I have only myself to blame :). I pay for 3 Gigabytes of space and plenty of transfer per month, and can’t find anywhere on their website that there is a transfer limit per uploaded file. I’ve decided to switch hosts as soon as I can find one that suits what I want. I’ve noticed that I can get a much much better deal so it really works out for the best. In the mean time, I’ve uploaded the “album” to my public mac space. You can find it Here. Once I switch hosts I shall be uploading as much of my demo stuff as possible. Feel free to copy any of my music to any device you wish, the files are “.wav” format so the best thing is to burn them to CD and then not wasting a half gig of your hard drive space 🙂 Enjoy!

August 31, 2006

I don’t know…

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If all of the worlds problems could be solved with communication, then all the worlds politicians would be mutes.

It made sense when I wrote it down anyway…

August 18, 2006

day 5 still alive

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Well I made it through the work week without inhaling combustables.  Thank bob I got this patch…

August 14, 2006

Hot Dogs = Bad

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I, for one, welcome our new hot dog eating mutated overlords.

Apparently there will soon be experiments where mice are fed hot dogs to see if they get cancer. Unfortunatly, the expirements will go horribly wrong and one lucky mouse will become Mighty.

Make Love, Not War…

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My bleary eyes have just finished this article written by Seymour Hersh of the New Yorker, in which he claims that the U.S. has been helping Isreal all along with gearing up for this war in Lebanon. It is supposedly a precursor to a war with Iran. If true I can’t say It’s surprising to me. War sucks, but the people who start them suck more.

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August 9, 2006

Something in the air

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And no, it isn’t Thunderclap Newman.  But I’ve been getting a few space whispers here and there and I’m feeling a bit giddy.  I just need to find a few Kettles and some of those big plastic water containers…  Maybe some brass plates of some type, preferably thin in nature…  Perhaps a large wooden cylinder with some kind of “membrane” on either end, with a sort of mallet/fulcrum device that you can tap with your foot…  But I digress.  Things might be happening my friends, oh yes.

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