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August 14, 2006

Hot Dogs = Bad

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I, for one, welcome our new hot dog eating mutated overlords.

Apparently there will soon be experiments where mice are fed hot dogs to see if they get cancer. Unfortunatly, the expirements will go horribly wrong and one lucky mouse will become Mighty.


He’s Adicted to Nicotine Patches…

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I’m trying to quit smoking again. Today I started the 14MG nicotine patch “therapy”. It’s like Methadone for cigarettes. I went down to the drugstore last night and got a box of these things, 14 patches for $38. The woman behind the counter reached for 2 different boxes of cigars before I exclaimed, “Top shelf!” I hate stupid clerks.

Someone recently said to me that “It takes 11 tries to finally quit”. I think I’m on 12 now, so it better take. Not too sure about these patches, I’ve only had 1 cofee before work and I’m ultra hyper and this damn thing is slightly irratating my skin. I’m still undecided about whether to continue using the patch or just go “cold turkey”, however my previous attempts at cold turkey as recently as last week did not work too well. Changing 20 year old behaviour patterns is tricksey…

Make Love, Not War…

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My bleary eyes have just finished this article written by Seymour Hersh of the New Yorker, in which he claims that the U.S. has been helping Isreal all along with gearing up for this war in Lebanon. It is supposedly a precursor to a war with Iran. If true I can’t say It’s surprising to me. War sucks, but the people who start them suck more.

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August 9, 2006

Something in the air

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And no, it isn’t Thunderclap Newman.  But I’ve been getting a few space whispers here and there and I’m feeling a bit giddy.  I just need to find a few Kettles and some of those big plastic water containers…  Maybe some brass plates of some type, preferably thin in nature…  Perhaps a large wooden cylinder with some kind of “membrane” on either end, with a sort of mallet/fulcrum device that you can tap with your foot…  But I digress.  Things might be happening my friends, oh yes.

August 8, 2006

Play Anarchy Online Free (Until January 15th)

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Just saw this on Metafilter, Funcomm is offering the original Anarchy Online, Free until January 15th, 2007. This is the original core game and doesn’t include any expansions. I played this game briefly in 2004 on a free trial and it was interesting. I tried an “Engineer” and they are supposed to build robots to help them kill things. I stayed in the “Newbie” zone for about 2 hours trying to figure out how to control my robot (I don’t like to read manuals) and then kinda gave up. I really want to try this game again and give it a fair shake. Right now I am playing a Priest character in World of Warcraft. Oddly enough, an engineer as well. I think I have a strange fascination with robots…

August 7, 2006

Wello Horld!

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Now that I’ve determined that my original title for this blog has already been taken, (Clueless and Slightly Slack), which I figured would probably be the case when I named it last night, I have come up with a new and even more improved untitle. This place shall be known as Foblog’s Hat. It’s purpose is to gather letters from my brain and form words. The hope is that some of the words will go on to big things like. Sentance Fragments! Or? Questions about things. I have a “real” website too, which maybe will all combine up in some future collusion against the evil underlord. Until then, you can visit (naturally) and listen to some of my freakmusic.


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